Reuniting people separated in life

Helping you to search and to be reunited with your relatives, and supporting you throughout the whole process.

Our mission

To offer a search and intermediary service, that helps to reunite people who were separated by adoption. We do this by helping you to search for your relatives and by getting in touch with your relatives. We act as an intermediary to support you to contact and build relationships with your relatives.

We offer our services to people throughout the United Kingdom and even internationally, if you were adopted in the United Kingdom and you have since moved abroad or if you are searching for someone in the United Kingdom.

Our service can raise emotions for all involved, that is why we offer a strictly confidential, professional and friendly service. We are a registered Adoption Support Agency with Care Inspectorate Wales as required by law to provide an access to adoption records and intermediary service therefore we ensure that all of our work complies with legislation and regulations. As a registered adoption agency, we can therefore access adoption records and information from adoption agencies, the courts and the General Registry Office where as non-regulated search agencies are unable to do this.

Who we support

Birth relatives searching for an adopted person who is at least 18 years old

Adopted adults wishing to look for their birth family

Siblings and extended families (e.g. aunties, uncles, etc) separated by adoption

People separated in life (not by adoption) by providing a search service

The legislation changed in 1975 which gave adopted people the right to discover information about their birth family. It is important for adopted people and birth relatives to understand that we will respect their views if they do not wish to be contacted. Using an intermediary service enables individuals to build a relationship with their birth relative which usually results in better outcomes. We will support people who do not wish to be contacted by the relative so that everyone feels safe and well throughout the process.

Information for Birth Relatives

We understand the sensitivity and the lifelong impact of a child being adopted. Therefore, we can provide you with information and advice, support with establishing contact when both parties agree with this and support with reunions when appropriate. We ensure the wellbeing of everyone involved in the process.

Information for Adopted Adults

We understand the impact that adoption can have on an individual's identity. Therefore we can support you to access and understand your adoption records. Providing you with advice and support. Both parties must be in agreement before the relationship can be established. We will not share any contact details or information until an agreement has been made.


If you're looking for help to start your search, contact us and we'll provide you with further information.

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Adoption Finder Intermediary Service Limited, Tredafydd Uchaf, Pontfaen, Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, SA65 9SJ.

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Director: Glesni Evans
Company is registered in England and Wales
Limited Company Number: 12425223

We cover the whole of the United Kingdom and internationally.
We can support you via home visits, office visits or voice/ video conferencing such as Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp video.

We can also support you through the medium of Welsh.

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